MLIKI NFT Marketplace

Enables anyone to trade NFT asset and launch their own NFT project

MLIKI SocialFi

Enables anyone to buy physical goods at their favourite merchants and brands

MLIKI Metaverse

Enables merchants and brands to interact virtually with their customers or vice versa

Benefits of Using MLIKI SocialFi

MLIKI combined the powers of the blockchain with traditional cashback
to create something magical

MLIKI allows the user to shop at their favorite merchant and brands and earn crypto cashback
MLIKI allows the user to invite other users to buy the same item and check it out at the lower price
MLIKI earn a sales commissions from the integrated merchants and brands. MLIKI shares the commisssions with the user
By staking MLIKI token, the user are allowed to participate in special sales events, get cash back or vouschers
Shop at Your Favourite Merchant & Brands

Enables anyone to buy physical goods with over 1.000 merchants and brands integrated, today a better time to start earning while you shop

Bring NFT To Mass Adoption

MLIKI combed the powers or the blockchain with traditional cashback
to create something magical

Create and Trade NFTs
MLIKI enables anyone to mint, buy. and shell an NFT
NFT Launchpad
MLIKI enables artist or project developer to raise funds for their project trough (INO) and get access to our partner and NFT community
Virtual Store
MLIKI enables merchants and brands to open virtual store at MLIKI metaverse and interact visrtually woth their customers
Virtual Show
MLIKI enables users to get NFT as a copy of the certain physical goods they have purchased. The users can use it on MLIKI Metaverse
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